Worthersee Lake

For the Holidays in Austria in 2003 the Austrian Post issued two stamps of which one stamp has a maritime theme. It shows us some sailing vessels on Lake Wörthersee. Of the sailing vessels I have not any info. The Austrian Post gives by the issues:

Hardly any other stamp in this series comes closer to the topic of holidays than this one, since a freak of nature guarantees Lake Wörthersee clean water and a wonderful temperature of between 25° and 28° C, making it an ideal bathing lake attracting thousands of holidaymakers. The River Drau, which appears to be heading straight for the lake, changes direction two kilometres before what would be its point of entry into the lake, without any apparent cause in the terrain (naturally caused by geomorphological factors). It flows in three meanders south-east and only then returns to its easterly course. This means that the lake is not cooled and contaminated by cold mountain water.Maria Wörth, the village located on the south shore and the source of the lake´s name, is the most rewarding of all the villages around the lake in terms of cultural history, if one ignores Klagenfurt, whose town centre is not on the lake anyway. Maria Wörth´s church is one of the oldest in Carinthia, and was the base for the missionary activity that originated from Freising following the migration of the peoples. Until the 18th century, the church was on an island, which also protected it against destruction and plundering by the Turks.Today, the region around the 19.3 km long and 1.7 km wide lake, the product of an ice age glacier basin, can satisfy practically every holidaymaker´s wishes in the form of accommodation of all categories and a wide range of facilities for all types of leisure activities.

Wikipedia has more on the lake: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%C3%B6rthersee

https://onlineshop-qm.post.at/onlinesho ... Language=2
Austria 2003 0.20 Euro sg?, scott?


Jamaica issued in 1972 one stamp of 50c with a bamboo river raft.

The raft made of bamboo is used on fording rivers in the northeaster parish of Portland, where the rafts have transported goods and people down or across the Rio Grande, Jamaica largest river.

Today rafting down this scenic river has become a favourite sports for Jamaicans and tourists alike. A similar kind of recreational rafting has also developed on the Martha Brae River in the north-western parish of Trelawny.

The rafts are made usually from 11 to 14 culms approximately 18 m in length are bound together to form a raft. It has a bamboo seat for 2 or 3 persons at the rear, and the rafter stands at the front of the raft and guided it downstream with a bamboo pole.

The rafts does not last longer than 4 – 5 months. The continuous pounding of the culms against the gravel-bed of the river causes them to split and become water-logged.

It takes 5 days to 4 weeks to make a raft and one of the greatest difficulties is obtaining bamboo of the right size and quality. The bamboo is common along the banks of the Rio Grande River but the culms are too small for rafts. The builders have to go in the bush to get good bamboo which takes a lot of work and time.

Today the rafts are mainly made for the tourist, but during floods which frequently appear in Jamaica are also used by the local population to ferry goods and people.

Source: http://sociology.cofc.edu/documents/Ras ... amaica.pdf
Jamaica 1972 50c sg 356, scott 355.


CANGAIA: Aak to Zumbra a Dictionary of the World’s Watercraft does not have anything under that name.

The stamp shows a double outrigger canoe with a stempost, so it is not a dugout.

In a fishing report on the East coast of Africa I found, that the CANGALA is a wooden planked boot , which has a more pointed bow with a rounded or pointed stern, and it is a flat-bottomed vessel and more agile than canoes.

The CANGAIAS are typical used by people from Nampula Province in Mozambique as a fishing craft, mostly powered by paddle or sail. As fishing vessel she spent an average of 7.0 – 7.4 hours at sea.
Crew 5-6.
Length ca. 4.59m.

She are called BOTI in Kenya and Tanzania, In Tanzania also called Dau.

On an outrigger model site on the internet I found a model the IBO which looks almost the same as the stamp, but the Aak to Zumbra book has nothing on her.

Mozambique 1982 12m sg 973, scott 840.


Bulgaria issued a sheet for the Danube European River of which one stamp and a label have a maritime connection.

The 25st stamps shows us a motorboat in front of the Baba Diva fort, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Vida
On the craft I have not any info.

The label show us a hydrofoil passenger ship which I believe is stylized, I can’t find any exact details of this vessel.

Bulgaria 1978 25st and label sg?, scott?


Ukrainian Post issued one stamp in 2018 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of raising the Ukrainian flags on the ships of the Ukrainian Black Sea Fleet.
The stamp shows us the flag of that time and a stylized warship of the Black Sea Fleet.

April 29, 2018 marked one hundred years from the day when the ships of the Black Sea Fleet raised Ukrainian flags as a sign of subordination to the Ukrainian People's Republic.
On April 29 1918, the Vice-Admiral Mikhail Sablin, commander of the Black Sea Fleet, referring to the decision of the delegates of the ship commands and the mood of the Ukrainian sailors and officers, officially declared the entire Black Sea Fleet as the fleet of the Ukrainian People's Republic (UPR) and ordered the teams to raise Ukrainian flags solemnly.
The decision was supported by a significant part of the ships. This happened after in April 1918 the soldiers of the Crimean group of the UNR Army, under the command of General Petro Bolbochan, liberated the Crimea from the Bolsheviks.
Sablin sent a telegram to Kyiv about the transition of the Black Sea Fleet to the jurisdiction of the UPR. Teams that were influenced by the Bolsheviks hastily evacuated their ships from Ukrainian Sevastopol to Novorossiysk.

April 29 was a real triumph of Ukrainian officers and sailors, showing the whole world the desire of Ukrainians to have their own strong state and their own naval forces. This event was the first chord of the fact that Sevastopol is a Ukrainian port, and Ukrainians are entrenched in the Black Sea.

http://qha.com.ua/en/war-defence/ukrain ... rs/143234/
Ukraine 2018 5.00K sg?, scott?

AIX-LES-BAINS and sailing yacht

This stamp was issued for the town Aix-les-Bains in France and shows us a sailing yacht with an open cockpit, on the yacht I have not any information. She is sailing on Lac du Bourget of which Wikipedia gives:

Lac du Bourget (Lake Bourget), also locally known as Lac Gris (Grey Lake) or Lac d'Aix, is a lake at the southernmost end of the Jura Mountains in the department of Savoie, France. It is the deepest lake located entirely within France, and either the largest or second largest after Lac de Grand-Lieu depending on season.

The largest town on its shore is Aix-les-Bains. Chambéry, the capital of Savoie, lies about 10 km south of the lake. The lake is mainly fed by the river Leysse (and other small rivers), and it drains towards the river Rhône through the Canal de Savières, an artificial channel. It is a Ramsar site. The extinct bezoule was found only in this lake.

The lake was formed during the last period of global glaciation in the Alps (Würm glaciation) during the Pleistocene epoch. It has a surface area of 44.5 square kilometres (4,450 hectares). The long and narrow north-south axis of the lake extends 18 km in length, and ranges between 1.6 km and 3.5 km in width. The lake's average depth is 85 m, and its maximum depth in 145 m. The lake is meromictic, meaning that it has layers that do not mix.
The lake is bordered by the steep summits of the Mont du Chat and the Chaîne de l'Épine on the west, and Bauges Mountains on the east, which form its shores.

Lac du Bourget was made famous by several romantic poems of Alphonse de Lamartine, including Le Lac, as well as by descriptions by Xavier de Maistre, Honoré de Balzac, and Alexandre Dumas.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lac_du_Bourget
France 1966 0.60Fr sg1685, scott1172.


Comte Louis-Antoine of Bougainville, was born on November 12th, 1729 in Paris. Officer of the French navy and explorer, it was officially the first French to realize the world tour in 1766.

Having crossed the Magellan Strait aboard the ship « La BOUDEUSE » (along with the ship « L’ÉTOILE »), he passed in March, 1768, the Tuamotu Archipelago. He discovered the atolls of Vahitahi and Akiaki, and also saw the island of Hao, discovered previously by Fernandez de Quiros. On April 2nd, he entered the bay of Matavai in Tahiti, discovered earlier by Samuel Wallis. It dropped anchor in Hitia'a bay, where he met Ahutoru a native of Raiatea, and under the insistence of the chief Ereti, he did the journey to Paris where Bougainville who presented him to the king and the Parisian society. Unfortunately it is during his return journey, after a stopover in the Mauritius Island that he contracted the smallpox. He died on November 7th, 1771. At dawn, after the prayer for the dead its body was immersed with the honors of the royal navy in front of Fort Dauphin. By means of Ahutoru, Bougainville was able during its journey to exchange and to discover the native peoples of the Pacific islands and Philibert Commerson botanist aboard “L’ÉTOILE” will have taken advantage of his knowledge in botany. The trickery of the botanist was moreover discovered as that his domestic was in fact his partner disguised as boy that’s how Jeanne Baret was the first woman who did round the world. Bougainville published in 1772 " Journey around the world " in which he redrew his adventure in particular his invaluable geographical, ethnographical and scientific observations, but at this time will hold only the myth of the " South Pacific paradise ". Having going through the war for independence of the United States and the fall of king louis XVI, he withdrew to dedicate himself to his passion, the horticulture. Note that the bougainvillea discovered in Brazil was named in his honor by the botanist Commerson. Napoleon Bonaparte named him as senator in 1799, then a grand officer of the legion of honor in 1804, a comte of Empire in 1808. Finally his last function was to chair the French council of war.

He died on August 31st, 1811, in Paris. His heart rests in the Montmartre Cemetery, and its body in the Pantheon of Paris.

http://www.tahitiphilatelie.pf/details_ ... 018&id=335
French Polynesia 2018 250Fr. sg?, scott?

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