Joao de Lisboa 1511-12.(Río de La Plata)

Navigator João de Lizhboa (or John Lisbon) accompanied Vasco da Gama in his historic voyage to India, and then made several expeditions to the East. He wrote several works on navigation. He is the author of a Treatise of Seamanship that includes 20 maps and a Treatise on the Nautical Needle, dated by himself in 1514 (1508, in manuscript). In 1500, while on the expedition Pedro Cabrala, he made sketches of the constellation "Southern Cross" and described it with recommendations for use in navigation. Already from 1506 the Portuguese navigators focused their attention on this constellation. In 1514, while on the coast of Brazil, Lisboa plotted the coordinates of "Southern Cross "with amazing accuracy. However, these measurements were not published and kept secret by the government because of fear of maritime competition of foreign powers. In 1511, Lisboa, along with Captain Estevan Flores (Istevan Froys), were caught by a storm off the southern coast of Brazil and entered the bay with fresh water. The Tuzes informed them that they were in the river. They showed them silverware and talked about the great silver mountain from which flows river. Having filled the holds with Brazilian wood and fur seals, which they extracted on the island of Flores they discovered, the ships dispersed. Captain Flores decided to capture the natives and sell on the islands, but was captured by the Spaniards and thrown into prison. Lizboa reached Madeira, and after a while managed to sell timber in the Spanish port of Cadiz and returned to Portugal. After talking with the "journalist" from Ausburg, he told him about the "Silver River". The note in the newspaper published in 1514 caused anxiety in Spain, since it was its territory under the Treaty of Tordesillas. Thus we can say that Joao Lisboa and Estevan Flores explored about 1500 km of the coast of South America and opened the Rio de Plata river. He died in 1525 while traveling in the Indian Ocean.
Portugal 1993;42,0;SG?ão_de_Lisboa
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