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The Czech Republic issued one stamp for the Bat’a Canal, the stamp shows us pleasure boats and a small passenger vessel with tourists on board for a sightseeing trip on the canal.

The Baťa Canal, also known as the Otrokovice-Rohatec Canal, is a historical 52 km waterway built in 1935-38 to connect Otrokovice with Rohatec. The waterway partly follows the Morava River, the rest is a complex of man-made canals with a number of gates, locks (14), and other water structures. There are 23 bridges across the canal, with pedestrian underpasses (platforms with iron-bound low railing used to support tow ropes when towing boats below the bridge).
The main material transported on the waterway was lignite from the Ratiškovice mines owned by the Baťa company. It was transported to the lignite fired power plant in Otrokovice, which supplied heat and power to the local leatherworking plant.
A number of unique technical facilities were installed on the waterway, such as a coal tipper between Rohatec and Sudoměřice, cableway used to tow boats across the Morava Rver at Vnorovy, etc. A typical "Baťa house" for the attendant was built next to each lock. The remains of these monuments, part of which is presently under reconstruction, provide evidence of the high craftsmanship of their builders.
The reconstruction of almost the entire 52 km track has been finished by now, with 13 locks being put in working order, which allows using the waterway for cargo transport and for recreational boating between Otrokovice and Petrov, or Skalice in Slovakia. Tourists can use 8 ports and 16 landing places. With the construction of the port in Skalice, Slovakia, the Baťa Canal became an international waterway. The reconstruction project is planned to continue until the waterway reaches Hodonín and Kroměříž (so-called Athens of the Haná Region).
The designers of the Danube-Oder-Labe waterway have also relied on using Baťa Canal´s river sections navigable by larger ships. The Baťa Canal would remain open for local transport, and at the same time would be linked to the European waterway network.

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