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The Roman merchantmen depict on this stamp, the design is made after contemporary reliefs found in Italy and the Syrian coast.
This is the ship that sustained Rome’s far-flung empire carrying all kind of cargos.
Tonnage around 100 tons, with dim. 24.4 x 2.4m.
Carried two steering oars who where partly housed within de built-out bulwarks.
She was decked, with a crew and passenger accommodation aft.
The sternpost was formed into the shape of a swan’s neck.
A large square sail was hoisted on the single mast in the centre of the vessel, with sometimes a topsail above it. A small spritsail was set on a heavy spar (artemon) raking well foreword over the bow.
The Roman merchantmen were mostly crewed by foreign sailors; the Romans were not natural seafarers.
Crew 8 – 10.
The vessel sailed mostly in sight of the coast line, and when possible not lose sight of the land.
Trading routes were the Trans-Mediterranean, Black Sea and Atlantic coast of Europe.

Libya 1993 50dh sg2140, scott? (SG gives a Phoenician ship).
Netherlands Antilles 2009 1c sg?, scott?
GEORGIA 2007 0.50gel SG?, SCOTT?
Mozambique 2009 33.00MT sg?, scott? (the inscription gives a Phoenician boat but she is a Roman merchant men.)
Cuba 1985 1p sgMS 3119, scott 2809.
Gibraltar 2000 5p sg?, scott?

Source: some web-sites. Liners, Tankers & Merchant Ships by Robert Jackson.
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