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LUPO (F-564)

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LUPO (F-564)

Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Mar 01, 2010 8:19 pm

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Built as a light frigate under yard No 300 by Cantieri Navali Riunite e Cantiere del Tirreno, at Riva Trigoso, Italy for the Italian Navy.
11 October 1974 keel laid down.
29 July 1976 launched as the LUPO (F-564) (Wolf)
Displacement 2.208 standard, 2,340 tons full load, dim. 113.2 x 11.3 x 7.9m, draught 3.7m.
Powered CODOG by two sets Fiat LN2 gas turbines, 50,000 hp, twin shafts, speed 35 knots. The secondary propulsion are two sets of Grandi Motori diesels 7.800 hp, speed 21 knots.
Range by a speed of 15 knots, 4,000 mile.
Armament: 1 – 12.7 inch AA, 4 – 4.0 inch AA guns. 8 launchers for Otemat-Teseo missiles for sea targets, and one launcher for Sea-Sparrow missiles. 6 – 32.4 inch torpedo tubes.
One helicopter AB 212.
Crew 180.
12 September 1977 commissioned.

The Lupo class was primarily designed as a convoy escort with some surface warfare capability.
To reduce the ships crew, the designed machinery was highly automated.
The speed of 35 knots made the class one of the fastest warships afloat.
2003 Decommissioned.
03 November 2004 commissioned in La Spezia in the Peruvian Navy as the BAP PALACIOS (FM-56)
She was named after the young navy officer Enrique Sixto Palacios Mendiburu who on 08 October 1879 on board the HUÁSCAR during the Battle of Punta Angamos the Peruvian flag when at 1010 the flag was lowered for surrender, wounded and under a hail of enemy bullets the flag recovered and hoisted the flag again. He died on 22 October that year on his wounds age 29.
After a refit by Fincantier, di Muggiano in Italy, she sailed for the navy bases at Callao, Peru.
Armament: 1 – 17 inch AA guns, 2 CIWS Breda Dardo guns, 4/8 Otomat/Thesus missiles Albatros 1 launchers NATO (8 Aspide missiles, 16 in reserve)
2 Mounting ILAS -3 triple torpedo tubes with 12 A244 of 324mm.
2010 In service by Peruvian Navy.

Italy 1978 170li sg1554, scott?

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