ELAND tug 1896

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ELAND tug 1896

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Built as a wooden tug by Fox and Company, Falmouth, U.K. for the Port Elizabeth Boating Company, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Launched as the ELAND.
Tonnage 45 gross, 8.07 net, dim 19.82 x 4.62 x 3.20m.
Two steam engines with a total power of 26.6 nhp (210 ihp.)
The hull was built of oak.

07 July 1896 under command of Capt. Joe Harding she arrived in Algoa Bay.
During the Boer War in service of the British Navy.
Also in service during World War I as supply vessel for the British Royal Navy, she became well know when she transported Lord Roberts, and her part in the South West African Campaign in which she transported supplies to General Smuts.
By mistake was she the first British navy ship in Luderitz in South West Africa during World War I, the mayor and people of the town surrendered immediately to the crew of the ELAND, at that time Luderitz was a German Protectorate.

The ELAND was a well known ship on the South African coast and took part in different salvage jobs.
27 November transferred to the South African Railways and Harbours, still in service in Port Elizabeth and Algoa Bay.
1959/1960 out of service.
1962 Scrapped in Table Bay.

The stamp shows her as she was around 1955.

South Africa 1994 1r15 sg847, scott889 (the cargo vessel alongside is the CITY OF GUILDFORD see index for her details.)

Source: Info of the South Africa Post. Log Book.

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