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Kyrenia II

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Kyrenia II

Postby john sefton » Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:18 am

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A stamp issue of 1987, values 2c-17c. SG706-709 from Cyprus shows KYRENIA II a replica of the oldest known surviving ship in the World.
Lying on the bottom of the Mediterranean in 9Oft of water for 2,300 years, the shifting sands on the sea floor had covered and preserved large sections of the wooden hull.
She was discovered by a Greek Cypriot sponge-diver, Andreas Cariboalous, who also acted as a guide for diving expeditions off the Northern coast of Cyprus.
The KYRENIA ship was built in the eastern fashion, the shell being built first the ribs added later. A timber frame was built to hold the hull, the keel was then laid. Pine and Cedar was used for the planks, deep mortices were cut into the edge of thick planks which were shaped to the line of the hull. Each plank was joined to the one below and the one above by tenons which fitted tightly into the mortices. The planks and tenons were locked together with wooden dowels hammered into holes which had been drilled through both - see diagram. As the hull took shape in the cradle interior ribs were installed, these were dowelled into the hull timbers which gave added strength.
The KYRENIA ship was a coastal trader, sailing the eastern Mediterranean for approx 70-100 years. She was about 47ft in length and nearly 15ft on the beam. A single square sail of approx. 700sq ft. could be raised and lowered by means of a dozen ropes. Estimated speed 4 to 5 knots. The sail could be angled and she could steer close to the wind. A pair of steering oars were connected together. Lead sheathing was fastened to the hull with copper nails. The mast was stepped so that it could be lowered toward the stern.
The remains of KYRENIA are housed in Kyrenia Castle.

Log Book April 1990.

Cyprus SG706-709.
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