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In 1634 Carteret sailed as Lieutenant on board HMS UNICORN under command of Admiral Penington whilst his ship was in dock for repairs. It was whilst on board HMS Unicorn that Carteret had his first meeting with Royalty when King Charles I came on board to knight Penington.

She was built at the Woolwich Dry-dock by the shipwright Edward Boate for the British Navy.
09 March 1633 ordered.
06 February 1634 launched as the UNICORN, named after the mythological creature, the unicorn.
Tonnage 575/767 ton, dim. 33 (length of keel) x 311.07 x 4.60m.
Armament, initially 52, but during her career changed many times.
Crew 250, but has changed in 1652 to 260.

1636 In service in the English Channel under Captain Sir Henry Mainwaring in the fleet of Northumberland. She was mostly in the service in the English Channel or North Sea till 1654
Under command of Captain William Goodson she took part in the Battle of Scheveningen against the Dutch fleet on 31 July 1653.
During 1654 flagship of Rear-Admiral Joseph Jordan in the fleet of Blake in the Mediterranean.
July 1656 returned home for repair from the Mediterranean.
20 April 1657 took part in the Battle of Santa Cruz.
03 June 1665 in the Battle of Lowestoft.
1-4 June 1666 took part in the Four Days Battle, in which she lost four men and got 24 wounded.
25 July 1666 took part in the St. James’s Day Fight.
28 May 1672 under command of Captain Richard James took part in the Battle of Solebay,
09 October 1673 under command of Captain John Rogers.
On 28 May 1673 and 06 June 1673 at the Battle of Schooneveld
11 August 1673 in the Battles of Texel.
1677 Reclassed as a third rate (and seemingly cut down to a two-decker)
Thereafter in service in the English Channel.
06 December 1678 used as guard ship at Chatham under command of Captain Lawrence Wright.
27 January 1688 was she sold for £308.

Jersey 2009 45p sg?, scott?

Source: British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603-1714 by Rif Winfield. Wikipedia. Jersey Post Stamp Bulletin.
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