MAASDAM 1993 RYNDAM 1994 cruise vessels.

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MAASDAM 1993 RYNDAM 1994 cruise vessels.

Post by aukepalmhof » Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:30 pm

The Panama stamps issued in 1999 of 0.45c depict two cruise liners of the Holland America Line in a lock in the Panama Canal, I found in Daily Collection of Maritime Press Clippings 2010-079 a photo which shows that on 29 April 1996 two cruise vessels of the Holland America Line together were in the Panama Canal locks, the MAASDAM and RYNDAM. I believe these two vessels are depicted on the stamp.

Built as a cruise vessel under yard no 5882 by Fincantieri, Monfalcone, Italy for the Nederlandse-Amerikaanse Stoomvaart Mij (Holland America Line), Nassau, Bahamas.
08 April 1992 laid down.
12 December 1992 floated out as the MAASDAM, three sisters RYNDAM, STATENDAM and VEENDAM.
Tonnage 55,451 gt, 26,118 net, 7,447 dwt, dim. 219.21 x 30.80 x 7.50m.
Powered diesel electric by two Sulzer-Grandi 12ZAV40s and three Sulzer-Grandi 8ZAL40 diesel engines, 34,560 kW, speed 20 knots.
Passenger capacity of 1629. Crew 588.
26 October 1993 delivered to owners.

17 December 1993, first cruise from Port Everglades to St Thomas.
1996 Transferred to Dutch registry with homeport Rotterdam.
2019 In service, same name, and owners, IMO No 8919257

Built as a passenger ship under yard No 5883 by Fincantieri-Cant. Nav. Italiani, Monfalcona, Italy for the Holland America Line, Nassau, Bahamas.
01 November 1993 floated out at the builder's dock as RYNDAM.
Tonnage 55,451 grt, 26,945 net, 7,447 dwt. Dim. 219.0 x 30.83 x 19.13m, length bpp. 185.0, draught 7.72m.
Powered by two Sulzer-Grandi 12ZAV40S and three Sulzer-Grandi 8ZAL40 diesel engines, 35,468 kW (48,236 bhp.), twin shafts, speed 20 knots.
Passenger accommodation for 1266 passengers, 580 crew.
20 October 1994 completed under the name RYNDAM, she is name after a dam in the River Rhine, three sisters the MAASDAM, STATENDAM and VEENDAM.

October 1994 was she christened by Madeleine Arison the spouse of Mike Arison.
20 October 1994 sailed for her maiden cruise drom Fort Lauderdale.
She is used in the same trades as the STATENDAM.
1996 Transferred to the Dutch flag, homeport Rotterdam.
2010 In service Imo No 8919269.

(Photo and stamp image from Mr Peter Crichton with thanks.)

October 2015 arrived by SembCorp Marine Singapore for modernization and refit.
November 1915 transferred to Carnival Plc, Southampton, U.K. and renamed in PACIFIC EDEN, managed by Carnival Australia.
June 2019 sold to Mythic Cruise Ltd. Athens, renamed in VASCO DA GAMA under the flag of Bahamas.
Managed by Global Cruise Lines Ltd., Athens, Greece.

Internet and Equasis

Panama 1999 0.45c sg1637, scott?
Malta 2013 0.97 Euro sg?, scott? (the stamp depict the RYNDAM.)
Bahamas 1998 55c sg1148, scott919 (the stamp depict the RYNDAM.)
Guinea Bissau 2014 sgMS?, scott? (She are the two passenger vessels in the margin of the sheet.) The other two passengers vessels on the stamps are the ECSTASY viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11447&p=12220#p12220
and NORWEGIAN STAR viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14034&p=15742&hilit=norwegian+star#p15742

Scheepvaart 1998 by Boer.
RYNDAM    SG 1637.jpg
Holland america  XX.jpg
2014 maasdam & ryndam in margin.jpg
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Re: MAASDAM 1993 RYNDAM 1994 cruise vessels.

Post by D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:37 pm

On 3 October 2015, the RYNDAM departed Venice on its farewell voyage with the Holland America Line to Singapore. It was given a make over by SembCorp Marine in Singapore, before being transferred to P&O Australia and renamed the PACIFIC ARIA. It was officially renamed in Sydney by Jessica Mauboy on 25 November 2015. It sails under the P&O Australia brand out of Australian ports year round.
pacific aria.jpg

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