K class Soviet Union submarine

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K class Soviet Union submarine

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The stamp gives Captain 2nd class Mahomet Gadgiev (also given as Gadschijev or Gadzhiev) a hero of the Soviet Union, with a submarine and a sinking cargo vessel in the background. A Google search did not give much on the Navy Commander that the info below I translated mostly from Enzyklopadia der Maritimen Motive (Navicula)
Stanley Gibbons gives that the K-3 is depict.

Which submarine and cargo vessel is depict is unknown, most probably a K class (Katjusa) on which Gadgiev served, Navicula gives that the submarine depict not one is of the K class.

The K class of which 12 were built on Soviet Union yards in the Baltic between 1938 and 1940, most did service in the Northern Fleet and were brought there through the Russian inland waterways from the Baltic to the White Sea.
Displacement 1480/2095 tons, dim. 97.70 x7.4 x 4.51m (draught)
Powered with diesel engines 8.400 hp surface, 2.400 hp submerged. Twin shafts. Speed 22.5 knots surface, 10 knots submerged.
Range by 11 knots 14.000 miles.
Armament 2 – 10cm, 2 – 4.5cm guns, 8 – torpedo tubes, carried 22 torpedoes and 20 mines.
Crew 65.

Gadgiev was commander of the first submarine squadron in the Northern Fleet.
10 September 1941 K-2 with Gadgiev on board, laid the first mines in the Barents Sea off Vardø, North Norway.
12 September she attacked with her deck-guns north west of Vardø the Norwegian LOFOTEN, she was not hit and escaped.

Then when he was on board the K-3 submarine she laid mines off Hammerfest and on 03 December 1941 attacked off Rolvsöy a convoy, but she was herself in a counter attack depth charged by the escort vessel of the convoy. Gadgiev ordered to submerge and started a gun-battle with the escort and placed a direct hit on UJ 1708.

Gadgiev on board the K-22 on 19 January 1942 attacked the small fishing port Berlevag in Tanafjord.
She fires two torpedoes against the small Norwegian merchant vessel SØRØY, both torpedoes missed their target. K -23 then engages the vessel with gunfire, she got on fire, killing two crew members, sinking her off Svaerholt in position 70 59N 26 43E.
12 May 1942 the K-23 attacks a German convoy and fires four torpedoes against the German cargo vessel KARL LEONHARD off Nordkyn. The torpedoes missed their target, K-23 tried to escape full speed on the surface, but when an enemy air-plane arrived on the scene she had to submerge.
She was sunk thereafter by depth charges of the German escorts.

Russia 1962 6k sg2665, scott? 2007 7R sg?, scott? 2007 envelope (most probably the submarine is the K-21 in the margin, see index.)

Source: http://www.uboat.net/allies/warships/ship/5128.html
M.I.Gadzhiev envelope.jpg
2007 M.I. GADZHIEV..jpg
2007 M.I Gadzhiev envelope 1.jpg
2007 M.I.GADZHIEV envelope.jpg
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