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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:33 pm

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Built under yard no 32 as a fore and aft schooner by the Companie Uniao Fabril at Lisbon for Parceria Geral de Pescarias at Lisbon.
10 May 1937 launched as the CREOULA.
Tonnage 664.57 gross, 390.70 nrt, her cargo capacity was 9,295 quintals (557,700 kg) Dim. 63.30 x 9.94 x 5.04m.
Carried seven sails.
Auxiliary engine, one Benz diesel 480 hp.
Crew 73 men and 54 dory’s.
June 1937 completed. She was built in 62 working days.

The CREOULA acted as a mothership, and when on the fishing grounds the dory’s were put over the side and manned by one man, with a long line with about 400 hooks sailed or rowed to his fishing ground and started fishing. The dory’s after each fishing trip were put on deck and stowed in nests of six dory’s.

Each April the CREOULA and the rest of Portugal’s White Fleet after the Fleet Blessing Ceremony would leave for the Grand Banks, where crews would fish until mid-May. The fleet would then dock either in St John’s or North Sydney for supplies, bait, fuel and water.
Thereafter she would set course to Greenland where she would arrive mid-June and resume fishing in the Davis Strait, reaching latitude as far as 68 degree north.
Ships would stay (or return to) the Grand Banks off Newfoundland until they had hauled in a full load of fish, usually until mid-October.
In an average year the CREOULA would bring back 12,800 quintals of salt cod, equivalent to about 800 tonnes, as well as 60 tonnes of cod liver oil.
CREOULA made a total of 37 fishing campaigns until 1973, reaching at times a record catch of 79,400 pounds in a single day, amounting approximately to 36 tons, an average catch of 66- kilos per fisherman.

In 1979 the Portuguese fisheries ministry (Secretaria de Estada das Pecas) with the help of Secretaria de Estado da Culture bought CREOULA, The original plan was to turn the ship into a floating museum, but the CREOULA was in such good shape, that it was decided she would have a new life as a training vessel and so in 1987, the CREOULA was turned over to the Portuguese Navy.

The CREOULA is a four-masted topsail schooner, with a steel hull and wooden deck and topmasts.
When she was fishing the CREOULA carried 54 fishermen, 10 deckhands, two cooks, three engineering officers, two bridge officers and a captain. The White Fleet included 60 -70 ships and a total of about 5000 men.

The lower hull was divided into three sections; one part of the hold was used for storage and provisions, one third for holding salt fish and one third for the engine room and fishing equipment.

To refit her in a training vessel for the Portuguese Navy her hold was transformed into a mess for 60 cadets, her sick bay enlarged.

2010 In service. Managed by the Portuguese Navy as the UAM CREOULA (201),
Displacement 818 tons.
Carried 11 sail with a total of 1364 square meter of sail.
Crew 37 and 50 cadets.

Portugal 1998 140e sg2664, scott2264.
Togo 2019 800F sg?, scott?

Source: Wikipedia
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Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:49 pm

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(Portugal 2012, €0,80,)
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