E STARR JONES schooner

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E STARR JONES schooner

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The E. STARR JONES was built in 1904 by Dunn & Elliot Co. in Thomaston Me. USA for their own account.
She had four masts and two decks, schooner rigged.
Tonnage 916 gross, 788 net, dim. 185.8 x 38.1 x 19.2ft.
She had an elliptic stern and a billethead.

Built for a consortium, the builder owned 19/64 shares, Richard E. Dunn and Richard O. Elliott two partners in the company each 4/64 shares. The senior partner Capt. Arthur J. Elliott, a brother of R.O. Elliot but not associated with the company owned 8/64 shares. Other family members mostly 1/64 share under which Erastus Jones from Brooklyn 1/64 share, the ship could be named after him?

First she sailed under command of Capt. A. Elliott until 1908 then he was relieved by Capt. H.L.Hylenger of Boston, Mass.
Capt. Elliott became then a partner in the Dunn & Elliot company.

24 January 1919 the E.STARR JONES was lost on the bar of Rio Grande do Sol, Brazil, when towed out by a tug, she was bound for Buenos Aires.

Tanzania 1999 400/ sg?, scott?

Sources: Log Ships by John Lyman. Bill Colby.

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