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Postby john sefton » Fri Jan 14, 2011 10:14 pm

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Quote the Stamp Bulletin of the Ciskei Post Office.
"Troop Ships. An interesting part of the history of Ciskei is embodied in some sailing vessels of the previous century, when the territory was the scene of various conflicts between its inhabitants and the British Government and citizens of the Cape Colony. In their efforts to maintain local law and order in terms of a succession of agreements - some reached by negotiation, others by force of arms ‑ the British authorities had to maintain and supplement armed forces in what is now Ciskei".

SALISBURY. Brig built at Deptford, taken into service 21 June 1814. 1199tn bm. Actual measurements were 154.5 x 43ft. A 4th Rate of 58 guns. This is far in excess of Naval Brigs which usually carried only up to 16 or 18 guns. It is surmised however, that most of this artillery would have accompanied the troops ashore. SALISBURY arrived at Algoa Bay with cargo in 1822, under command of Capt J King, and carried troops back to Cape Town. She was sold in 1837. Depicted running before, the Red Duster (Mercantile Marine Ensign) clearly visible flying from the spanker topping.
The 30 cent stamp depicts the brig SALISBURY and the associated date is 1814. A brig called the SALISBURY was built (of teak) in Brazil in 1814. This brig made a voyage to the Cape of Good Hope but this, apparently, was in 1821. This brig was 117 tons and although she was 'raised' in 1819 she remained a single‑decked vessel. In 1821 she was sheathed and coppered. It seems that from the Cape of Good Hope she sailed to South America for in 1822 (probably about July) she returned to the Cape from St Helena and Buenos Aires. On September 26th 1822, she sailed from the Cape for St. Helena, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires; she arrived at St. Helena on October 9th. Her master at the time was Captain J. King who is listed as her master in the 1822 register which names her owner as a Mr Cannon. In 1827 she was owned by a Mr Horsfall and had sailed from Liverpool to Africa.
The information is taken from Log Book April 1986 (E.J.Hogan) and February 1990. (A. Palmhof)

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