Earl of Arran

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Earl of Arran

Post by john sefton » Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:52 pm

Builders: Blackwood & Gordon, Paisley 1860
Propulsion type: Paddle, double steeple engines
Owners: Ardrossan Steamboat Co, West Cornwall Steamship Co
Service dates: 1860 - 1872
Tonnage: Gross 144 tons
Dimensions: 43.6m x 5.8m x 2.7m
This little steamer was built for use between Brodick and Lamlash and as there were no landing facilities for her at either location, her cargo and passengers were landed by smaller boats, often in somewhat inhospitable conditions. In 1871 she was sold for use between Penzance and St Mary's in the Scilly Isles but had only a short career. In July 1872 one of the passengers on the trip, a Mr Stephen Woodcock, advised the Captain that he was a sailor on one of the pilot boats and could show the Captain a short cut. Unfortunately this short cut between St Martin's Island and the Eastern Rocks was unsuccessful and the ship foundered on Nornour Rock, where she is shown in this 1872 postcard. Whilst there was no loss of life or cargo the ship was proclaimed a total loss. This card interestingly shows the word "RAILWAY" over her paddle box and this reflects the West Cornwall Steamship Co being an offshoot of the West Cornwall Railway.

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