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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:45 pm

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The stamp gives that the ships type depict is of around 800 B.C. but I believe she is younger and depict a Phoenician war bireme from around 700 B.C.
The Phoenician were among the first to develop the “bireme”.
The narrow stretched hull of the Phoenician bireme had two floors, 40 -50 rowers propelled the ship.
There was an upper bank and a lower bank for the rowers, the lower oars extending through the sides of the ship. The upper rowers sat close to the side of the ship, while the lower sat more near the centreline of the ship. There were more oars in the upper then in the lower banks due to the curve of the ship.
She carried a ram, which was the main weapon of the “bireme”
The stern curve looks like the tail of a scorpion.
The upper floor was used by the officers and soldiers who fought from behind the warriors shields fastened on the wickerwork sides.
Carried one pole mast with a square sail, mast and sail were removable.
Crew 40 – 50 rowers, one rower for each oar, some crew, 3 – 5 officers and up to 15 soldiers and archers.
Length about 30 meters.

Sierra Leone 2008 2800le sg?, scott?
Libya 1983 100dh sg1303, scott? 1993 50d sg2143 scott?

Source: various web-sites.
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