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JACQUES COEUR sailing vessel 1855

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JACQUES COEUR sailing vessel 1855

Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:34 pm

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When in 1840 the mayor of Granville Jacques Lecampion founded the company “Terreneuvienne” to exploit the fishing grounds of Newfoundland was this the beginning of the French company “ Compagnie General Maritime”.
The company was bought in 1855 by Emile and Isaac Pereire, which renamed the company in Compagnie General Maritime (CGM).
They ordered two three mast vessels at a yard in Grenville the ÉCLAIR and RICHARD LENOIR. And in 1855/1856 four new three-mast ships were built on the same yard in Grenville the JACQUES COEUR, MOZART, PASCAL and SUGER.
Clipper ships with two decks, copper sheathed, which could carry nearly 700 emigrants (coolie’s ships).
They were involved in carrying coolies from India to Reunion, the Antilles and Cayenne to replace the plantation slaves, which had became free men after the abolition of 1848.
The company transported about 18,000 from there under which 3,000 Africans and Chinese to Cayenne, probably to work on the guano islands of Peru.
These transports often integrated in a line around the world, after transporting a cargo of salt to Saint Pierre & Miquelon, then loading dried fish for Reunion, after discharging loaded there a cargo of sugar for India, where after she returned to the West Indies with coolie’s , where after she loaded sugar and timber for France.
The ships made also voyages to Chile.
By a decree of 25 August 1861 it was authorized that CGM could be renamed in Compagnie Generale Transatlantique.
In 1864 the Compagnie d’Armements Maritime under management of Peulve-Petitididier acquires the 35 sailing ships of Compagnie Generale Transatlantique to commence a regular service with clipper ships to Chile, Peru, La Plata, Mexico, the Caribbean, Bahia and the Mascarene Islands.
And they kept also a more sporadic service to Java, Manila, the Bay of Bengal and China.
The company was put in liquidation by Emile Bossiére on 10 March 1879 after the competition with the steamships became too hard and the sailing ships were driven out of the market.

The JACQUES COEUR was built in 1855 at GRANVILLE, France for CGM.
Tonnage 646 tons, dim. 149.9 x 30.5 x 20.6ft.
Barque rigged.

1878 She appears for he first time in: ... Search.cfm , so it looks that the JACQUES COEUR was already sold before the liquidation.

Tonnage given as 637 tons, but all other registers give her tonnage as 646 ton. Built in 1855 in Grenville, France
Under command of Captain L. Jean, and owned by C & H Leroux in Havre, France.
1880 Owner given as L&G Leroux & Co., Havre, same captain.
1881 Owner given as Ordenet, Havre under command of Captain Levallois, it looks that she was sold.
1885 She is for the last time mentioned in the registers, still owned by Ordenet at Havre, and under command of Captain Levallois.
Fate unknown. ... image=1105 has a painting of the ship; most probably the stamp was designed after this painting.

Source: Translated from . Info received from Mr. Jean-Louis Araignon.

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