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KÅG: Used on the west coast of Sweden, it is a beamy open boat engaged in herring seining.
Double-ended, clinker built of wide wooden planks, fastened with wooden trunnels.
Rounded bilges flared sides; strong sheer.
Single banked and rowed by 4 men.
Customarily single-masted as seen on stamp, but might step 2-3 masts.
Set spritsails, the mizzen very narrow; triangular topsail hung by a yard lashed to the mast.
Some carried a foresail tacked to the stemhead; others added a jib to a rising bowsprit.
Reported lengths 5 – 5.6m beam 2.5m. and depth 1.2m.

Sweden 1981 1k65 sg1079, scott?

Source: Aak to Zumbra, a dictionary of the world’s watercraft.

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