De wang

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De wang

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Canoe of Papua New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago:
The Tami Islanders noted ship-boulders and trades .They carry cargoes of pottery to Moeve Harbor,200 kilometers distant across the open sea. The structure and especially the decoration of the two-masted canoe of the Tami Islanders are essentially similar to those of Siassi Islanders.
Large 2-masted outrigger canoe of the villages at the western end of New Britain Island, the Siassi Islands to the west, and the Tami Islands off the mainland. Dugout hull, with rounded sides and bottom;
2-3 horizontal washstrakes sewn onto each side, strengthened by pairs of knees that joined at the middle.The ends of the strakes are enclosed by breakwaters which on the solid upper part of the hull and project far above the strakes into a variously carved, painted,and some times perforated gable end. Bow and stern thin and greatly elon¬gated, often carved and painted, as were the wash-strakes and sides. The single outrigger comprised 3 very long, sturdy booms, set close together, reached to the stout float; booms crossed on top of the wash-strakes and extended out the opposite side. Booms connected to the float with undercrossed stanchions. Atop the booms, centered over the hull, a 2-story plat¬form was constructed, the lower level for cargo, food, and baggage, the upper level for the crew.The upper platform always carries a fire placed on a bed of damp sand.The two diverging masts stepped at each end of the platform.Each mast carries rectangular sail.The sails are made of strips of pandanus leaf in check plaiting. Two long spars,the yard and boom,are lashed to the sail.A forked stick is lashed onto the foot of the boom.The angle of the fork serves for running of the halyard.

Папуа-Новая Гвинея 1974 10с sg?,

A Dictionary of the world’s Watercraft from Aak toZumbra. A.Haddon,J.Hornell:Canoes of Oceania.1937.Volume II.

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Re: De wang

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Crew of 6
Reported length 9 – 21m, most ca. 15m.

Papua New Guinea 1975 10с sg 278, scott 407.
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