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Build in 1970 by Italcantieri S.p.A., Monfalcone (yardno.4237) as BOCCACCIO for 'Tirrania' di Navigazione S.p.A., Cagliari. Passenger/RoRo cargo/ferry, Gt:7086, Nt:3657, Dw:1981, Loa:130,99m. Lpp:118,01m. Br:20,07m. Depth:7,22m. Draft:5,93m. 2-9 cil. Fiat/S.G.M. diesels:16.560 bhp. (12.181 kW) 22 kn. 288 cabins, 917 bth, 479 deckpassengers, lanelength:492m. cars:250, sidedoor, sterndoor/ramp, IMO.6921282. In '99 converted by INMA, La Spezia, Gt:11.779, Nt:5555, Dw:2200, passengers:1320, cars:320, crew:105, '99 sold to Pacific Sunlight Marine Inc., Panama, operated by El Salam Maritime Transport, Cairo. Sank on 03-02-2006 in the Red Sea en route from Duba, Saudi Arabia, to Safara in southern Egypt. Its last position was 62 nm. from Duba, when it lost contact with the shore at about 22.00 EET (20.00 UTC) The ship carrying 1312 passengers and 96 crewmembers. The majority are thought to have been Egyptians, working in Saudi Arabia but they also included pilgrims returning from the Hadj in Mecca. The ship was also carrying 220 vehicles. No SOS had been heard from the ship and poor weather conditions hampered the search and resue operation. It is believed that around 400 survivors have beeb resued.

Saudi Arabia 2005, SR. StG.?
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