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Jacobstads Wapen

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Jacobstads Wapen

Postby john sefton » Thu Jan 12, 2012 5:22 pm

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2 M Galleass, planned and drawn by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman.
Sailed on maiden voyage 1767 from Jakobstad to Amsterdam.
Was probably sold during that voyage.

New building:
2 M Galleass, planning started 1987, building started January 1988. The ship is built according to Chapmans plans from 1758.
Maiden voyage 1994. Owners: Jakobstads Gamla Hamn Ab.
L: 25 m, LOA:40m B: 7.6 m, Tmax: 2.8 m
8 sails, Total area of sail:540m2, mast height: 26 m Help motors: 700 HP total
35 NT, speed 8 kn
50- 70 passengers (day trip), 20 berths for passengers, 6 for crew Food serving, 36 person, I serving
3 showers. 5 toilettes.
To the building was used:
1,000 pine logs. 1,000 ship bolts. 10,000 ship nails. 2,000 litre tar. 7,000 m rope material.
By S Lassus Log Book August 1997
Finland SG1473 (I do not have the stamp)
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