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Cumhuriyet (means “Republic”) Passenger Ship.

Turkey (2008) 65 ykrş.

She was built in 1893 Denny Bros. Co. Shipyards in Dumbarton England for the Russians. Gt. 4179. Lenght: 113 m, Beam width: 13,7 m, Draft: 7,7 m, Powered by 3580 Hp engines, Max. Speed: 14 kts.

Her first name was Koroleva Olga (Russian) and served mainly in The Black Sea. She was captured by German war ships in October 29th 1914 during the First World War. Due to Ottomans and Germans were allies during WW-I she was brought to İstinye Harbour (one of the naval harbours in İstanbul/ Turkey) as booty. Renamed as Urla.

Than under German flag renamed again as Olga served as a dormitory ship for berthing to Turkish and German soldiers in İstinye Harbour as stationery during the rest of WW-I.

After the First World War, she was given to Ottoman Seyr-i Sefain (Maritime) Organisation and served as passenger ship under the name of Cumhuriyet. She was commanded most of the time by very famous Turkish captain “Aziz Kaptan”. Turkish people loved this ship especially for her long bowsprit at the frontside. She was decomissioned in January 15th, 1952. Sold to Italy in 1954 and scrapped in La Spezia.

This stamp is a painting in Turkish Maritime Organization History and Art Center (founded in 1995 and located in Karaköy/İstanbul, Turkey). The painter is “Diyarbakırlı Tahsin Bey”.

The stamp was issued for 165th Anniversary of Turkish Maritime Organization (TMO) in 2008. The first core of the TMO is “Fevaid-i Osmaniye” established in the year 1843. And then it took the title of “İdare-i Şahane” and “İdare-i Aziziye” in the year 1870. The Organization whose activity subjects transportation, port affairs, life and property security at sea, factory and pools shipyard business continued to undertake various activities within history.

Source: Seyr-i Sefain Öncesi ve Sonrası by Eser Tutel, İletişim Yayınları, 2006.
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