Sultan's Boat 2011 (Second Stamp)

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Sultan's Boat 2011 (Second Stamp)

Post by Arturo » Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:57 pm

Imperial Caiques (The Swans of İstanbul)

The Imperial Caique With 13 Pairs of Oars Used by Sultan Abdulmecid

Length: 32 m.
Width: 2.4 m.
Height: 3.9 m. (from the top of the kiosk)
Height: 2.75 m. (at the fore)

Belongs to the period of Sultan Abdülmecid (1839-1861). The underway hull is painted in white. The vessel is covered by seaming and in the form of clipper bow. The stem extends forward like a bowsprit with a pointed ending.

The outher ornamentation of caique is extremely rich. A five-staged bordure decoration encircles the vessel. A decoration comprising of carving of a rope motif at the top, and under the motif are carvings of three pieces of grape and curled branches on a pink 17 cm. wide background, covered with gold-leaves.

The kiosk consists of a dome covered with a red drape situated on four pillars. A gilded rope pateern carving is in the inner borders of the dome. The Corinthian style pillars are round fluted and rise on the high pedestals. The facade consists of a thin three-staged bordure narrowing from top to bottom. The fringes are decorated with lotus motifs.

The inner decorations of the caique are rich as the other parts. A decoration of curled flower and branch carvings on a pink background extends throughout the entire vessel. These motifs are also covered with golden leaves.

Turkey 2011 Sultan’s Boats 1,30 TL.

2011-2 Sultan's Boat.jpg

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