Sultan's Boat 2010 (Second Stamp)

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Sultan's Boat 2010 (Second Stamp)

Post by Arturo » Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:31 pm

Imperial Caiques (The Swans of İstanbul)

Turkey issued a set of two stamps in 2010 as Sultan’s Boat. Second stamp is 110 krş.
The Imperial Caique Used by Sultan Mehmet Resat With 10 Pairs of Oars

The Ottoman Sultan’s use these vessels for their short distance trips and for leisure.

Length: 18.34 m.
Width: 2.45 m.
Height: 2.2 m.

The caique was used during the period of Sultan Mehmet Reşat V (1909-1918). Has a fantail stern and straight bow form. The board and the bottom are painted white.

A gold-leaf falcon figure with its wings open and is placed on the forecastle. The body of the figure is stylized in scale form. An outer bordure decoration starts right behind the falcon figure. Acanthus leaves, naturalist flowers and rose motifs catch the eye.

There is a rigging and the signature of Sultan Mehmet Resat on the transom at the stern. The embossed gold-leaf signature is on a red background. A medallion consisting of bay leaves encircles the signature.

Turkey 2010 Sultan’s Boats 110 krş.

Source: Saltanat Kayıkları, Ali Rıza İşipek, Deniz Basımevi 2010

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