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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:38 pm

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Built as a tug under yard No 1689 by Dravo Corporation, Pittsburg yard, Pasadera USA for the Dravo Keystone Comp.
Launched as the VICTORY.
Tonnage 248 gross, 107 net, 385 dwt. Dim. 44.14 x 8.23 x 3.58m, draught 1.95m.
Powered by two Cooper Bessemer diesel engines 700 hp, twin shafts. Speed ?
November 1940 delivered to owners.

1947 Sold to Argentina Government and managed by A.G.T.F. Administracion General del Tráfico Fluvial and renamed A.T.F. 304 MINI RIO PARANA. Also given in a list of 1957 on General River Transport Administration that it was one of eleven pushing tugs under the name 304 R.
26 November 1958 AGTF became a branch of the Flota Fluvial del Estado Argentino ( Argentine State River Fleet) renamed 304 RIO PARANA MINI.
In Argentine used on the rivers in that country as a pusher tug and could push four barges.
She was fitted out with a bow-thruster.

Out of service? and fate unknown.

Argentine 1978 300p sg1611, scott?

Source: Mario Rosner and various web-sites
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