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Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:31 am

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In 1993 the South Korean Post issued a stamp to commemorate the 30th Trade Day, on the stamp is depict which looks like a cargo vessel, name and details unknown.

By this stamp is given:
Korea export marked US$ 100 million on the 30th of November 1964, which in celebration of this accomplishment, was designated as an “Export Day”, renamed as “the Trade Day” in 1987. Each year since then, “the Trade Day” has afforded a chance to look back upon the years export and to rally for further export growth for the next year.

Korea which was a typical agricultural country, has achieved remarkable economic growth under an export-driven economic development policy. Korea’s export reached US$ 100 million in 1964, US$ 1 billion in 1971, and US$ 10 billion in 1977.
This year’s export is projected to exceed US$ 80 billion, recording an 800-fold growth in 30 years. Korea’s export has also sophisticated its structure expending from primary goods, to manufacturing products, and even further to the products of high-technology-intensive industry, such as semi-conductors and computers.
Simultaneously with this engrossment, Korea’s import has been increased. So Korea has become the 12th largest trading nation with its upgraded international status.

The Ministry of Communications issued the commemorative postage stamp for the 30th Trade Day, which will remind the public of the importance of export in an ever diversifying trade environment.

South Korea 1993 110w sg2078, scott1748.
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