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"San Gabriel" Portugal

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"San Gabriel" Portugal

Postby Anatol » Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:34 am

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On the AREA of the SMALL SHEET(MS) depicted ship Portugal "St. Gabriel" 1493.(To compare with the stamp of Equatorial Guinea).
The young courtier of noble birth, brave Vasco da Gama led the first expedition in 1497 of three ships ("San Gabriel", "San Rafael" and "Berry") and the transport vessel, which outfitted the king of Portugal to open a sea route from Europe to India . The crew numbered about ships. 170 people.
Departed from Lisbon on July 8, after four months of sailing, the Portuguese settled in the Bay of St. Helen, making sure that over 4,200 km of land and there are no significant large islands.
After rounding Cape Agulhas, Gama went to the high bank, called it Natal ("Christmas"). On his way to the north of the expedition stopped in the mouths of the rivers Limpopo and Zambezi, in the ports of Mozambique, Mombasa and Malindi, where the local governor had a reliable Portuguese pilot, Ahmad Ibn Majid. With a fair monsoon expedition reached the Indian port of Calicut (now Kozhikode). They managed to get a little bit of spices and precious stones. Soon, Gama said samorinu (local ruler) of his departure, and soon asked to present to the king about half a ton of cinnamon and cloves. Samorin demanded a large fee for the spices and immediately banned the carrying on of the court remained on the coast of Portugal. Meanwhile, many citizens continued to curiously inspect the ships. When Gama learned that some of them are noble face, he took them by offering to exchange the hostages for samorinu its sailors. Portuguese brought to the ships, but only part of the Gama freed hostages, promising to release the remaining detainees after the return of goods. There was no answer, and the expedition left Calicut with hostages on board. In January 1499 explorer reached the port of Malindi, where he received fresh food for the sick sailors from scurvy. Near Mombasa Gama burned "San Rafael", since very depleted team could not manage the four ships.
In Lisbon, came just two of the ship. In the living there is less than half the crew. But the map was applied more than 4,000 miles east coast of Africa from the mouth of the Great Fish to the port of Malindi. The first expedition of Vasco da Gama, the first paved sea trade route from Europe through Africa to India, belonged to an era of great geographical discoveries, and had global significance.
The STAMP 600FG depicts copy of the painting John Michael Groves:”A King’s Ship-A corvette in passing squall over Portsmouth.
“A corvette, nearly all plain sail set, beats out of the Solent against a background of a passing squall over Portsmouth, during the wars with France. She is a flush decked vessel of war with one tier of guns, small and fast, and designated as a naval escort.”
Additional information about the ship, is welcome.
Republique Democratique du Congo 2006 600FG SG?
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Re: "San Gabriel" Portugal

Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:13 pm

2013 amerigo vespucci.jpg
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2013 magallan.jpg
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1974 san gabriel.jpg
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Chad 2013 300F sgMS?, scott?
Paraquay 1974 sg?, scott? in margin of stamp (the correct Portuguese name is SAO GABRIEL.)
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