Boreas and H. Nelson.1787.

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Boreas and H. Nelson.1787.

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The STAMP 600FG depicts copy of the painting Derek Gardner: « The 28-gun Frigat Boreas.Captain Horatio Nelson.1787».
HMS Boreas: Nelson and the West Indies. HMS Boreas was built by the firm of Blaydes and Hodgson at the Charlestown Shipyard in Hull in 1767. Boreas means 'North Wind' and she was constructed as a 142 foot long Mermaid class frigate with twenty eight guns. Although frigates like the Boreas were not heavily gunned, they were amongst the fastest ships in the Royal Navy, making on occasions up to 14 knots. They were built with an unarmed lower deck so that they could heel quite considerably and carry a fair amount of sail in strong winds and heavy seas. In March 1784 Horatio Nelson assumed command of HMS Boreas when the ship was destined for a commission on the West Indies station. A principal task of his ship whilst stationed in the Caribbean was to suppress the illicit trade between the West Indies and the former North American colonies. The Treaty of Paris which recognised the independence of the United States had only been signed – on the British side by David Hartley - the previous year and under the terms of the British Navigation Acts, the former colonies were no longer allowed to trade directly with the West Indies. The Americans had formerly carried out much trade with the islands but were now to be excluded as foreigners. When Boreas arrived in the West Indies, many local officials, including the overall commander, Admiral Hughes, were turning a blind eye to this now illicit trade but Nelson, who found himself senior captain on the station, took his responsibilities seriously and was determined to suppress such activity. His actions brought him into confrontation not only with the American smugglers but also with local traders and officials. At one time he was sued by local traders on the Island of Nevis for the value of the trade they claimed he had lost them. The sum involved was claimed to be £40,000 and Nelson was earning just £260 a year. Although the Admiralty were somewhat displeased with Nelson for sticking so punctiliously to the rules, they backed him and he was eventually vindicated.
Republique Democratique du Congo 2006 600FG SG?
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Re: Boreas and H. Nelson.1787.

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