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Postby john sefton » Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:58 pm

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Builder: Harland & Wolff, Govan, Glasgow.; Launch Date: 9.10.34; Date of completion: 26.1.35; GRT: 12436; Yard No: 924g; Length: 516.3 feet; Breadth: 70.4 feet; Draught: 32.4 feet; Shaw Savill & Albion Southampton; Number of screws/Mchy/Speed(kn): 2D -17. War Armaments: 1 x 6" gun, 1 x 40mm, 6 x 20mm & 3 depth charges.
Torpedoed by Italian motor torpedo boats Mas. 552 & 554 (probably both) in the E boat zone between Pantelleria Island & Kiribia. The engines stopped. Despite valiant efforts to get them going again it was not possible & it was decided to scuttle her with charges but this had little effect & some of the crew re-boarded & broke the water cooling pipe in the engine room & opened water tight doors. She eventually sank. Her crew were transferred safely to HMS ESKIMO.
Sources: Wikipedia. ... sp?id=6339.
Information Mr P Crichton.
john sefton
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Re: Wairangi

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:18 pm

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Nt:10.457, Dw:7647 loa:535'3"(163,15m.) 20 cil. Harland & Wolff diesel engine:1631 nhp. 2 screws.
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