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Zaima. . Djibouti; Yemen

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Zaima. . Djibouti; Yemen

Postby Anatol » Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:33 pm

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An important fishing boat and coaster in the Red Sea area; essentially a small, sharp-sterned sambuq. Rounded stem terminates in a pointed stem-head that is often blue-tipped.
A square-sterned sambuq. The raked, straight stem has an elbow bend before contin¬uing vertically to the scimitar-shaped stemhead. Straight keel; low rise to the floors amidships. Sheer sweeps up to the low poop. Slender outboard rudder rises well above the low poop deck; worked with yoke and lines or tiller. Cargo type often employs weathercloths amidships.
Designs painted on quarter strakes and the stern. Steps 1-2 masts, setting lateen sails or quadrilateral, lateen-type sails with a short luff.Often motorized. Reported lengths 6.1-7.6m.
The “zaima” is the most difficult dhow to recogniseas a class.This is because any smoll dhow on South Arabian coast might be called a “zaima”,the word being used in much the same manner as our boat.

Somalis 1964;300f;SG 480.
Source : A Dictionary of the world’s Watercraft from Aak to Zumbra.
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