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"Amsterdam" and "Sao Paulo". The discovery of the Islands

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"Amsterdam" and "Sao Paulo". The discovery of the Islands

Postby Anatol » Thu May 02, 2013 8:44 pm

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French Ant.Territ.publish MS with the stamp of the discovery 2 islands in the Indian Ocean: Amsterdam and Sao Paulo.
At the top of the stamp depicts the island and a sailship, I suppose, "Victoria." The island was discovered by the Basque Spanish explorer Juan Sebastián Elcano on 18 March 1522, in the course of his voyage of global circumnavigation . However, he did not name the island. Having found the island unnamed, Dutch captain Anthonie van Diemen named it Nieuw Amsterdam after his ship on 17 June 1633. The first recorded landing was made in December 1696 by Dutchman Willem de Vlamingh .
French Captain Pierre François Péron (not to be confused with François Péron ) says he was marooned from 1792 to 1795 on the island. Peron's Memoires , in which he describes his experiences, were published in a limited edition which is an expensive collectors' item. There was confusion in the early days between Amsterdam and Saint Paul Islands. In February 1793 Sir George Staunton on his way to China on board the HMS Lion found a sealer named Perron and four others on the southern of the two islands, now called Saint Paul Island.
At the bottom of the stamp depicts the island and a sailship, I suppose, "Sao Paulo". Île Saint-Paul was first discovered in 1559 by the Portuguese . The island was mapped, described in detail and painted by members of the crew of the Nau «São Paulo» , among them the Father Manuel Álvares and the chemist Henrique Dias (Álvares and Dias calculated the correct latitude 38° South in the same moment of discovery). Name of the ship "San Paolo" received the island. The ship was commanded by Rui Melo da Câmara and was part of the Portuguese India Armada commanded by Jorge de Sousa. The Nau «São Paulo» , who also carried women and had sailed from Europe and had scale in Brazil , would be the protagonist of a dramatic and moving «story of survival» after sinking south of Sumatra.
The next confirmed sighting was made by Dutchman Harwick Claesz de Hillegom on 19 April 1618. There were further sightings of the island through the 17th century. One of the first detailed descriptions of it, and possibly the first landing, was made in December 1696 by Willem de Vlamingh .
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