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Postby aukepalmhof » Thu May 09, 2013 10:03 pm

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2013-Metel 1934-1954 ÆÄö ææç-190 ïÑ¡-ñ.jpg
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Built in sections as a patrol boat of “Project 2” by the Zhadanov yard in Leningrad for the Soviet Navy.
18 December 1931 laid down.
Spring 1932 it was decided to send the sections to the Far East and the sections of the hull, superstructure, equipment and armament were loaded on railway wagons and transported to the Far East.
Assembled by the Dalzavod Shipyard in Vladivostok
15 June 1934 launched as the METEL, (snowstorm or blizzard)
Displacement 450 ton standard, 530 ton full load, dim. 71.5 x 7.4 x 2.6m. (draught).
Powered by Curtiss geared steam turbines, 6,290 hp, speed 24 knots, economical 14 knots.
Range by a speed of 14 knots, 1,200 mile.
Armament 2 – 102mm, 3 – 37mm guns and 3 – 12.7mm MG. 3 – 450mm torpedo tubes, 2 – mortars, carried 48 mines and 30 depth charges. Fitted out with mine sweeping equipment.
Crew 108.
18 September 1934 commissioned in the Far Easter Fleet of the Soviet Union. (other source gives 18 November)

1938 During the battle at Lake Khasan the METEL at that time under command of Lieutenant M.G. Bespalov sailed from Vladivostok as an escort of three convoy’s of Russian transport ships to the Gulf of Posiet, evacuated the wounded men and assisted crews of downed Soviet aircraft.
During World War II the METEL was used extensively for patrol service and escorting merchant ships through minefields.
August and September 1945 when under command of Lieutenant Commander L.N. Balyakina guarded the approach to the main Far Eastern Fleet base, escorted landing and transport ships to enemy beaches and ports.
The crew of the METEL particularly distinguished herself on 15 August 1945 in the battle for the North Korean of Chongjin. They provided fire support for a landing party. The ships accurate fire brought down an enemy aircraft, destroyed an armoured train loaded with military equipment and silenced enemy coastal batteries and searchlight installations, destroyed eight concreted fortifications and gun positions, and inflicted serious damage to an enemy landing craft which tried to deliver reinforcement.
After this battle she returned to Vladivostok with wounded marines.
18 August 1945 she together with torpedo boats received orders to land mariners in Sonchzin North Korea.
19 August in the evening she sailed from Chongjin, and moored during fog alongside the breakwater in Sonchzhine, it took less than an hour that the Soviet troops fully occupied the city and the Soviet naval flag was hoisted at the port building.
26 August 1945 the METEL was awarded and transformed in a Guard patrol boat, and 64 crewmembers were awarded with orders and medals.
The commander L.N. Balyakin was awarded on 14 September with the title “Hero of the Soviet Union”
The next nine years the METEL was kept in service.
Late 1954 transformed in a training ship. Fate unknown.

Russia 12p sg?, scott?

Source; info received from Mr Gennadiy Sitnikov.
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