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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:48 pm

KILINSKI IMO 5187047.jpg
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1956 Poland sc-719 CaptainSSKilinski SG962.jpg
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Built as a Victory ship type VC2-S-AP3 under yard No V7 by the California Shipbuilding Corp., Terminal Island, Los Angeles for the US Maritime Administration.
26 January 1944 keel laid down.
27 March 1944 launched as the MEXICO VICTORY.
Tonnage 7,612 gross, 4,564 nrt, 10,750 dwt. dim. 138.76 x 18.9 x 8.7m. (draught).
Powered by 2 Westinghouse Electric geared steam turbine 8,400 hp, one shaft speed 16.5 knots.
Crew 51, during war service 82.
19 May 1944 completed.

After delivery managed by Luckenbach SS Co. for the US Maritime Administration, was allocated to the United States Army Transport as an Army transport.
1947 Returned to the US Maritime Administration and laid up at Suisun Bay, California.
1947 Sold to the Gdynia-America Shipping Lines Ltd, Poland, renamed KILINSKI named after Jan Kilinski (1760-1890)
Mostly used in the liner service from Poland to the Far East.
1951 Transferred to Polish Ocean Line
At the end of the Indochina War and according to the Geneva Treaty, Vietnam was divided into two parts, the Vietminh took control over the northern part and the national government kept the power in the south.
In the agreement was given that the communist guerrilla units which had been active in the south have to been withdrawn from the south. About 100.000 soldiers and civilians and equipment had to be moved to the north.
Ho Chi Minh’s government was not able to organise this and asked help from the Soviet Union, the Soviets did not have any ship available and she chartered the KILINSKI which already operated in that waters.
She was chartered for four months by Sovfracht, with a possibility for prolongation.
The KILINSKI underway to Canton was after arrival and discharging of her cargo refitted in a troop transport to carry about 4000 people.
October 1954 in service as a troop transport, the French Navy were responsible to transport the soldiers from shore to the KILINSKI in the appointed zones on the coast of South Vietnam.
About between 3000 to 4000 people and there equipment were transported every trip, under the soldiers were many wounded.
The embarkation of the people in the south was carried out by the French Navy with landing craft, what was going easily, but of the 26 voyages the KILINSKI made only one cruise the troops were disembarked in Haiphong while the other disembarkations took place on the open roads in small fishing boats and the also a motor lifeboat from the KILINSKI was used.
July 1955 she finished her charter and together with a Russian ship the STAVROPOL the two ships transported 85,000 mainly troops, 3,500 pieces of different military equipment, 250 ton ammunition.

.1972 Laid up at Haiphong, Vietnam.
1973 Sold to Poul Christensen, Denmark, renamed LIN, registered at Nakskov, Denmark.
Her only voyage under the name LIN was from Haiphong to Taiwan where she arrived on 30 June 1973. She was sold to Chin Ho Faa Steel Co for breaking up.

Poland 1956 5g sg962, scott719.

Source: Log Book. info received from Mr. Gennadiy Sitnikov.
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