Ernst Thalmann 1928

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john sefton
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Ernst Thalmann 1928

Post by john sefton » Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:01 pm

ERNST THALMANN. Destroyer. East German Navy. Built in 1928 at the Royal Dockyard, Copenhagen as the Sloop HVIDEJORNEN for the Danish Navy. 915tn. L 156'9". B32'. Dr13'. Steam engine of 1800shp. 14.5kn. Armed with Two 3.4" guns. Complement 58. Served in Iceland and Greenland as a Fish Patrol ship. On the 29th August 1943 she was scuttled south of Korser. Later salvaged by the Germans. Rebuilt as a Corvette by Mathias-Thasen-Werft, Wismar 1953-4. 1050tn. L220'. B34'6". Dr16'9". Triple expansion engine. 1800ihp. 14kn. Armed with Two 20mm AA guns. Served as training ship for officer candidates until 1962 when listed as ex ERNST THALMANN. Became a hulk. In 1964 and renamed ALBIN KOBIS. Deleted 1968-9 - German Dem. Rep. 1962. 25pf. SG E618 (LB3/41-81. EWA Vol 9. p26)

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Re: Ernst Thalmann 1928

Post by Arturo » Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:41 pm

Destroyer Ernst Thalmann
Ernst Thalman.jpg

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Re: Ernst Thalmann 1928

Post by aukepalmhof » Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:55 pm

The ship on the stamp was identified by the late Mr. Argyle as the ERNST THALMAN built in 1829 as the Danish HVIDBJORNEN but Navicula gives that type HABICHT II is depict. Stanley Gibbons gives type HABICHT I. (hawk) Watercraft Philately also as HABICHT II.
I agree with NAVICULA that one of the HABICHT II type is depict. Four of this type were built as Schiff 2003 completed in 1953, Schiff 2004 completed in 1953, Schiff 2005 completed in 1954 and Schiff 2006 completed in 1954.
Built as mine-sweepers on the Volkswerf Stralsund, Stralsund DDR for the Seestreitkraften der NVA.
Displacement 510 ton, dim. 59.1 x 8.2 x 2.5m (draught).
Powered by two diesel engines, ?hp, twin shafts, speed 18 knots.
Range 3,700 mile.
Armament: 1 – 85mm, 4 – 25mm guns
Crew 38.

Schiff 2003 Later used by the Volksmarine and later used as training vessel by the Navy Academy under the name ERNST THALMANN from 1968-1976.
Schiff 2004 later in service by the Volksmarine till 1965.
Schiff 2005 later in service by the Volksmarine till 1970.
Schiff 2006 later in service by the Volksmarine till 1965.

East Germany 1962 25pf sgE618, scott601.
Source: ... 10393-f35/
Habicht 2004 -  211  Neubrandenburg.jpg

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