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GIANT 4. Semi-Submersible Pontoon. Built in 1978 by Awazu Zosen, Japan for Smit Internationale Transport BV. Rotterdam. Yard No 272. Delivered in April 1978. 12969Gt. 10280Nt. 24133Dwt. L140.0m. B36.15m. Dr6.69m. Dp8.51m. LRS No 7725269. She is ship-shaped with a high bow.

Kenya 1983. 70c. SG252 (LB17/106. 18/42)

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For the 5th Anniversary of the Port Authority in Mombassa, Kenia used four stamps of which two show us the GIANT 4 a semi-submersible pontoon.
She carried three container cranes to Mombasa, their booms projecting well beyond the side of the pontoon.
The GIANT 4 was towed with this load from Le Havre to Suez by the French tug ABEILLE PROVINCE (16,000 hp), and from Sues to Mombasa, Kenia by the Dutch tug NOORDZEE.
The tow departed from Le Havre on 10 November 1982 and arrived in Mombasa on 17 December 1982.

Built as a semi-submersible pontoon in 1978 under yard No 272 by Awazu Zosen, Naruto, Japan for Smit Internationale Transport BV, Rotterdam.
April 1978 delivered to owners as GIANT 4.
Tonnage 12,896 grt, 5,213 net, 24,133 dwt. Dim. 140.01 x 36.15 x 8.51m, draught 6.69m.
She was one of the three submersible pontoons, with Giant 2 and Giant 3, built for Japan.


The GIANT 4 was designed for all kinds of heavy cargoes. Eminently suitable for the transportation of drilling rigs, jackets, modules, dredgers, and other floating equipment on her deck. For this reason, the barge was designed for submersible operations and refloating by compressed air.
The engine room was arranged with the compressors and the generator sets. To obtain a high speed the barge was shaped and provided with a high bow. For carrying dry cargo she had a special hold in the fore ship. The valves for submersing and refloating operations were remotely controlled from a control room between the two funnels. The deck outfit includes a heavy double drum winch both for anchoring the barge itself and for handling cargoes on the cargo deck.

One of her most famous tasks was the lifting of the Russian submarine KURSK in October 2001 from the seabed and delivering the hull without the bow safe to Murmansk.

After an active life of almost 35 years for Smit International, the GIANT 4 has been sold by the owners of Smit Transport Europe in 2012? to the Polish Shipyard Remontowa in Gdansk. The yard will use the submersible pontoon as a drydock. She was renamed in REM LIFT 25000.

2021 In service by Remontowa in Gdansk.

Source: Watercraft Philately Sept. Oct. 1985 page 25 and various internet sites.
Kenya 1983. 70c. SG252 and 3/50 sg 254 , scott 270 and 272.
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