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Wa'a kaukahi. Hawaii:

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Wa'a kaukahi. Hawaii:

Postby Anatol » Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:33 pm

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Generic term for a single-outrigger canoe. Consisting of a single hull with an outrigger stabilizer extending off the left side of the hull, the Wa'a Kaukahi was the most common and most abundant type of canoe. There is no known cultural reason as to why the ama or float was almost always placed on the left side of the hull. Dugout hull; sides raised by washstrakes, originally sewn on; later, nails dri¬ven through the overlap. Washstrake continues to the bow and is cut vertical; at the stern, the strake stops short of the end, creating a short spur. On small canoes, 2 booms extend to the slender float and are lashed directly to it. Paddled and sailed. Older types used a V-shaped sail with a tall, vertical, curved boom; more recently a boomed spritsail used. The general number of seats in these single hulled canoes ranged between 2 and 6. Used for fishing and general transportation. Lengths to 15m, with longer canoes reserved for the Ali'i (Chiefs), occasionally to 21m; e.g., length 10.8m, beam 0.51m, depth 0.66m.

Marshall Islands 1999; 33c; SG965. Source : A Dictionary of the world’s Watercraft from Aak to Zumbra, and other Web Sites.
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