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Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:47 pm

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Built as trawler/research vessel under yard No 207 by Frederikshavn Vaerft & Flydedok for the Danish Ministry for Landbrug og Fiskeri at Copenhagen (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Directorate of Fisheries).
30 March 1936 ordered.
06 October 1936 keel laid down.
09 January 1937 launched as the DANA.
Tonnage 452 grt, 156 nrt, 201 dwt., dim. 49.40 x 8.57 x 4.50m. Length bpp. 45.00m.
One 6-cyl diesel engine manufactured by A/S Frichs, Aarhus, 700 bhp, speed 11.5 knots.
March 1937 delivery postponed due to several mishaps.
18 December 1937 trials.
20 December 1937 sailed from the builders yard to Elsinore.
21 December 1937 after arrival Elsinore she embarked guests for the trial in the Sound, and was the same day delivered to the Danish Government. Building cost 952,500 DKr.
21 December 1937 arrived at the Orlogsvaerftet, Copenhagen for repair.
From 21 till 31 January 1938 repaired by builders.
20 February 1938 after trials the ship was delivered to owners and based at Tuborg Havn.
28 March till 07 April repaired by builders.

May 1938 her maiden trip was to Icelandic waters, but during the voyage it was found that she was not suitable for her job she was built for.
18 March till 20 June 1939 was she lengthened by the builder’s yard due to stability problems, and a new screw was fitted on.
01 – 24 April 1939 docked in the floating dock.
02 – 13 June 1939 in Dry Dock II.
21 June 1939 after the lengthening, trials in the Sound.
08 – 23 September, repaired by builders.
23 September 1939 laid up at Frederikshavn.
20 August 1942 till 29 January 1946 laid up at Gasvaerkspaelene in Copenhagen.
Then she sailed back to the builder’s yard in Frederikshavn for a refurbishment.

1947 Made a research voyage to Faroe/Iceland and Southern Greenland where after she returned home via the Gulf Stream.
July 1970 towed to Alpha Diesel A/S, Frederickshavn where the old engine was taken out and a new Alpha 10V23L-VO diesel installed, 1,200 bhp, speed 11.5 knots.
06 September 1970 sailed to A/S Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen for refurbishment.
20 October 1970 arrived Frederickshavn for adjustment of the new engine.
16 January 1978 sold for 600,000 DKr. to P/R (Svend E Sønderstrup), Fäborg, Denmark not renamed.
18 January 1978 arrived Assens, Denmark for refit.
From June till September 1978 chartered to the Grølands Geologiske Undersøgelse and Dansk Hydraulisk Institut for geophysical measurement between Eastern Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
10 March 1981 sold to Bent N.C. Grahn Nielsen, Copenhagen, where after she was modernised and rebuilt by the Hirtshals Vaerft A/S Hirthals.
10 June 1981 renamed DANA RESEARCHER.
From June 1981 till 1983 chartered by Agip Italy for hydrographic survey work between Sicily and Libya.
28 July 1982 sold to Bertra International Aps, Copenhagen.
April 1984 sold to Esbjerg Vagtselskab A/S, Copenhagen for 1 million DKr.
11 May 1994 homeport changed from Copenhagen to Esbjerg, renamed ESVAGT DANA.
27 December 1988 transferred to the Danish Nautical School as use of a training vessel.
January 2001 laid up.
19 January 2001 sold to the private foundation Thomas Brocklebank (TV), Ulfborg, Denmark for 1.5 million DKr.
08 December 2004 sold to the private foundation Faelleseje (TV), Ulfborg.
05 October 2007 sold to P&T Charters VOF, Kampen, Netherlands and renamed GOUDEN LEEUW (Golden Lion).
After a design of the yacht architects KHMB Y&S Design/Korner, Noordwijk, Netherlands, she was converted in a three-masted topsail schooner by Balk Royal Shipyard, Urk, Netherlands in 2010.
Her details are now:
Displacement 675 ton. 487 grt. Dim. 70.1 x 8.6 4.2m (draught).
Capacity of engine 1,200 hp.
Crew 4 – 12.
Passengers, daytrips 200 persons, longer trips 56 persons.
Imo No 5085897.
Homeport Kampen, Netherlands.
2013 In service.

Sao Tome et Principe 2013 25,000 Db sg?, scott?
Niger 2018 800F sg?, scott?

Source: Lloyds Registers. and various other internet sites.
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