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ZEDDIE class yacht

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ZEDDIE class yacht

Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Mar 11, 2015 7:47 pm

zeddie class yacht.jpg
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1951 Health 1_5d Yachting.jpg
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1951 Health 2d Yachting.jpg
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By this two stamps is given by the New Zealand Post: A race between small yachts set against a typical New Zealand coastal scene with the sun’s rays prominently radiating from the top right-hand corner, is depicted on the 1951 Health stamps. The yachts are racing for the Cornwell Cup, a trophy donated in memory of John Travers Cornwell VC, killed in the Battle of Jutland in 1916.
The proceeds of the Health value of these stamps were donated to the Children’s Health Camps movement.
The yachts depict on this stamps belongs to the Zeddie class and were special designed for the Takapuna Yacht Club in Auckland.
It is a wooden monohull yacht, later of plywood. Crew 2 with an age restriction under the 19 years. Dimensions 3.81 x 1.5m. Sails a mainsail and spinnaker.
ZEDDIE (or Z Class or Takapuna class) is an old New Zealand sailing dinghy. The first boat was designed and built by Mr R.B. Brown at Northcote (Auckland, New Zealand) in the 1920s. The Zeddie originally was gunter rigged, which shortened the spars for convenience. Some have been converted to Bermudan rig, no jib and a spinnaker which was sheeted around the front of the mast leading to many capsizes. This rule was changed in the interests of safety. The Zeddie is 12 foot 6 inches long and about 5 foot in the beam.
National Competition was for the Cornwell Cup named after the English boy hero Jack Cornwell. The Zeddie was the major training class for New Zealand teenagers through until the late 1950s. There is still a small fleet of Zeddies sailing in New Zealand in the 2015s. The largest fleet to come together in recent years meets at Whangateau, north of Auckland.
One of the reasons for their longevity is most probably the type can be very fast, a speed of over 20 knots is possible.

New Zealand 1951 1½d + ½d and 2d + 1d sg708/09,scottB38/9. New Zealand Post. Internet.
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