Waimarie (Side Paddlesteamer, Riverboat) 1899

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Waimarie (Side Paddlesteamer, Riverboat) 1899

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The PS Waimarie is an historic riverboat based on the Whanganui River in New Zealand.

She is a paddle steamer, built by Yarrow & Co Shipbuilders in Popular, London in 1899 and transported in kit-set form to Wanganui, New Zealand. Assembled at David Murray & Co., Wanganui, and originally named PS Aotea. She began service with the Wanganui Settlers River Steamship Co. Her tonnage; 80,23 gt, 102' x 16' x 1,s' (31,09m x4,88m x 0,46111); two diagonal coupled steam engines, 20 hp and 85 hp, side wheels, steel hull, wooden deck.

In 1892 Alexander Hatrick & Co., Wanganui, (Wellington) New Zealand; was contracted by Thomas Cook to carry tourists to Pipiriki on the paddle-steamer; the journey was "The Rhine of Maoriland" tourist route into the interior of New Zealand. Alexander Hatrick & Company purchased the Aotea in 1902 and she was renamed Waimarie, which means peaceful waters in Māori.

She was first ship registered in Wellington port. For nearly 50 years, she was queen of the river, as one of the 12 strong fleet, operated by Alexander Hatrick & Co., providing access from the coast at Wanganui up the river as far as Taurnarunui. The Waimarie operated a regular service between Wanganui and Pipiriki until 1949, carrying cargo, mail and passengers. In 1949, she was taken out of service when in need of a new boiler; In 1952, she sank at her moorings in Wanganui.

She remained there for over 40 years until 1993, when she was salvaged by enthusiasts, and moved to the Whanganui Riverboat Centre. a six-year Intensive restoration project began in 1997, and PS Waimarie commenced tourist cruises on 1 Jan, 2000. The restored Waimarie was re-commissioned for use as a tourist paddle steamer on the Whanganui River. She carries up to 150 passengers from Wanganui up-river, and is owned by the Wanganui Riverboat Restoration & Navigation Trust.

Waimarie is billed as "New Zealand's last paddle steamer". (There are others but she is really the only authentic one). During the summer season she operates cruises on the lower stretches of the river, including dinner cruises to Avoca Hotel at Upokongaro and trips to Hipango Park for overnight camping.

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