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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri May 15, 2015 8:23 pm

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Built as a factory stern trawler under yard No B421/1/1 by Komuny Paryskiej yard at Gdynia, Poland for SA des Pecheries Pleven, Saint Malo, France.
20 April 1971 launched as the VICTOR PLEVEN two sisters the JOSEPH ROTY II and CAPITAINE PLEVEN II.
Tonnage 2,413 grt, 1,636 dwt, dim. 90.55 x 15.0 x 5.2m. (draught)
Powered by one Pielstick diesel engine, 2,700 hp, one shaft, speed 14 knots.
22 September 1971 completed. Homeport Saint Malo, France.
Built for the fisheries at the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, and most possible she regular made calls at St Pierre et Miquelon. She was suitable to produce and carry frozen and salted fish.
Carried various sorts of trawl-nets, which she could use for pelagic trawling or bottom trawling.
She made till the end of 80s three of four fishing voyages a year, then she faced declining quotas and restricting fishing areas
When in 1992 the French fishermen lost their rights to fish in the waters of Newfoundland this was the end of five centuries fishing of the French on the Grand Banks.
The VICTOR PLEVEN was laid up in Saint Malo and was for sale.
In 1994 Dennis Konnart founder of l’aqarium de Vannes bought her with the intention to refit her into a floating aquarium. September 1994 the VICTOR PLEVEN left Saint Malo and was towed to Saint Nazaire, at this port she stayed for two years pending her refit and the owner was looking for a good place to berth her.
At least he found a berth in Lorient, where she was towed to, and berthed in the submarine base Kéroman. In 1997 the VICTOR PLEVEN became a floating museum dedicated to the Deep Sea Fishing, but the site was not so good chosen and visitor’s numbers was far below forecast.
The owner got in financial difficulties and in 2002 the VICTOR PLEVEN was sold to Cap L’Orient a group of persons from Lorient.
When the submarine base Kéroman became more and more a centre for sailing competitions, the VICTOR PLEVEN did not fit in with this and had to move.
2006 She was moved to the Lorient fishing port where her future became uncertain.
June 2008 the owners decided to get rid of the VICTOR PLEVEN and she was sold for a symbolic one Euro to the Belgian company Van Heyghen Recycling in Ghent.
29 September 2008 the VICTOR PLEVEN was towed from Lorient for her final voyage and arrived in Ghent on 02 October 2008 for scrapping.

Saint Pierre et Miquelon 2015 1.05 Euro, sg?, scott?
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Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:17 pm

Nt:1050, Lbpp:81,62m. Depth:9,40m. 6 cyl. Pielstick:1986 kW. controllable pitch propeller, IMO.7107170, callsign FNOP.
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