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YANG TSE (France)

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YANG TSE (France)

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:38 pm

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Built in 1958 by Ch. Nav. de La Ciotat for Messageries Maritime, Marseille.
Cargo ship, Gt:6508, Nt:3222, Dw:8980, Loa:148,98m. Lbpp:139m. B:18,90m. D:11,87m. Draught:7,93m. 9 cyl. B&W diesel:8300 hp. (6105 kW.) 15 kn. 5 holds, 5 hatches, 1 derrick SWL:60 ton, 1-30 ton, 4-10 ton and 10-5 ton, till '70 accommodation for 6 passengers, IMO.5395010.
Service on South Africa, after '72 South East Asia.
'78 sold, renamed LIDIA H, '82 sold to Shandong Province Marine Shipping Co., Qingdao/Tsingtao, China, renamed LU HAI 65, after '93 from the list.
(Congo Brazzaville 1961, 2 fr. StG.21)
LR889/89 + Internet.
D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen
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Re: YANG TSE (France)

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:37 pm

17 February 1958 launched as the YANG-TSE.
May 1958 completed.
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