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Battle of Philippine Seas

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Battle of Philippine Seas

Postby john sefton » Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:42 pm

PHILIPPINE SEAS. WW2. A Pacific theatre battle that was fought between an American fleet. commanded by Admiral Spruce with Admiral Mister commanding the carriers and a Japanese fleet commanded by Vice Admiral Ozawa. The Americans had 15 aircraft 'carriers, 7 battleships, 21 cruisers and 69 destroyers as a covering force for landings on Saipan in the Marianas group (went in 15th June 1944). The Japanese had two main forces coming one through the San Bernardino Strait and the other from the Surigao Strait both in the Phillipines. The combined forces came to 9 aircraft carriers, 5 battle ships, 13 cruisers and 28 destroyers. The action commenced on 19th June with an air strike (of four raids) by the Japanese on the American fleet, the raids were met by fighters from the American carriers who broke them up with heavy losses of Japanese aircraft. Two Japanese carriers were sunk by American subs and by the end of the day the Japanese had lost no fewer than 346 aircraft and the two carriers. This battle became known as 'The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot'. The following day, the 20th, the American aircraft set off to find the retreating Japanese fleet. They did not find them until 1540 which meant that the American planes had to land on their carriers after dark when they returned. In spite of this 216 planes set off and sank one more carrier and two tankers. Twenty of the American planes were shot down and more were lost attempting to land in darkness on their carriers. Japanese aircraft losses amounted to some 476 against the American loss of 130, but the big difference was most of the American airc;rews were saved and only 76 were lost. This was a crushing defeat for the Japanese. - Palau 1991. 29c. SG506
john sefton
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Re: Battle of Philippine Seas

Postby aukepalmhof » Sat Sep 12, 2020 9:21 pm

1991 Battle-of-the-Philippine-Sea.jpg
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Palau 1991 29c sg 506, scott 299f

This stamp shows a carrier being attacked in the Battle of the Philippine Sea which took place on June 19/20, 1944. It was the last time the Imperial Japanese Navy could mount a major carrier operation. So many Japanese aircraft were lost in the engagement that the battle was nicknamed the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
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