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Capture of Retvizan by Venus 1790.

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Capture of Retvizan by Venus 1790.

Postby Anatol » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:27 pm

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Battle of Vyborg Bay - a battle in the Russian-Swedish War (1788-1790), which took place on June 22 (July 3) in 1790 in Vyborg Bay of the Baltic Sea. Swedish fleet under the command of the Swedish king Gustav III and Grand Admiral Prince Charles, was blocked in the northern Gulf by two squadrons Baltic fleet of Russia under the command of Admiral Vasily Chichagova. Swedish fleet barely broke through the encirclement and retreated to the Sveaborg, suffering heavy losses - 7 ships of the line, 3 frigates, 4-5 ths. (by some estimates - 6-7 ths.) People personnel. Swedish sailing fleet, surviving at breaking the blockade, went to sea and headed for repairs to the sea fortress Sveaborg. "Retvizan" (the Swedish Rättvisan- Justice) - 64-gun sailing ship of the line. After launching in 1783, he was a member of the Swedish Navy, took part in the Russian-Swedish War of 1788-90 years. June 23 (July 4), 1790, a day after a failed Swedes Vyborg battle, "Retvizan" badly damaged and lagging behind the outgoing Swedish squadron, was overtaken by Sveaborg Russian 44-gun frigate "Venus" (former Swedish frigate. See viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15081) Under Captain 2nd Rank RV Crown and 66-gun linear ship "Izyaslav" and the hour and a half after the battle surrendered to the team of "Venus". "Retvizan" was included in the Russian fleet. In his composition, he attended a Dutch expedition in 1799, the second Archipelago expedition of 1805-07's. After passing in 1808 in Lisbon, the British squadron was in 1813 officially sold to the British government. Later, the name "Retvizan" was awarded a number of warships in the Russian Navy. .The design stamp is made after painting of K. V. Sharenberg.
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Source: of the line,1783).
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