The Greek bireme was an oared warship with two rows of oars on each side. It was a revolutionary invention by (possibly the Biotian Greeks since the Trojan War or more probable their settlers, the Erythraeans in Asia Minor in the 8th century B.C.) which doubled the motion force of the ship without increasing its length. This was an important advantage in pirate persecutions and in the ramming of opponents. She was fitted out with a bow ram
Steering was achieved with the two big oars. Place on both sides near the stern. Complementarily, it had a large square sail with many pulleys for its unencumbered handling. During fighting the sail was furled. It usually had 100 oars ("ekatontoros"). Its dimensions reached length 32 and beam 4.80 metres respectively.
Sometimes it had a deck for the protection of the oarsmen and the facile transport of the warriors.

SOURCES: "The History of the Greek Nation, Ekdotiki Athens", "Dellopoulos, The Greek Trireme", "Deligiannis Pericles, Naval History", "Homer, Iliad", "Aelianos Taktikos, Tactic theory".
Vietnam 1986 1d sg988, scott 1686.

KHERSONES tall ship

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KHERSONES tall ship

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Built as a steel hulled full rigged training ship B810 by Gdanska Lenina, Gdansk, Poland for the Soviet Government.
24 December 1987 keel laid down. The intention was to name her ALEKSANDR GRIN but before launching renamed.
10 June 1988 launched as the KHERSONES named after an old Greek settlement on the area of the nowadays Sevastopol. Five sisterships.
Tonnage 2,284 grt, 840 dwt, dim. 108.6 x 14.0 x 6.8m. (draught), length bpp 79.4m.
Auxiliary engines two 570 hp. type 6AL20/24 Gielski Sulzer diesel engines, one shaft, speed 11 knots
Full rigger, sail area 2,771m². Speed under full sail maximum around 18 knots.
Accommodation for 42 crew including two teachers, 72 cadets or 91 trainees/passengers, for day trips maximum 250 passengers.
20 March 1989 completed, homeport Kerch.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991, the KHERSONES was transferred to Ukrainian flag and registry, and since that time she is training young people, managed and owned by Kerch Marine Technological Institute in Kerch.
1991 The Kerch Marine Technological Institute and Inmaris Windjammer Chartering GmbH, Hamburg signed a contract to use the KHERSONES to train cadets for Ukraine’s national fishery fleet, while Inmaris used and market the KHERSONES for sailing tours and other onboard events.
But between the two parties the relationship deteriorated following disagreements in the charter-party agreements and operations.
Between 1996/97 she was sailing round South America under command of Captain Sukhina and she passed Cape Horn under sail power on 26 January 1997.
Took part in Sail Bremerhaven and Rostock Hansa Sail and many regattas.
1999 She received a figurehead.
2006 The relations between the two parties was going so low that the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture prohibited the KHERSONES to leave from Kerch, and since that time the two parties battle out damage claims for the court, and the ship is arrested.
When the Russian Federation occupied the Crimea in March 2014, the KHERSONES was still in Kerch under arrest.
There are plans for the ship to be repaired, she is already towed in October 2015 to Sevastopol, after repair she will fly the Russian flag and registry, can’t find if repairs already have taken place, but with this claims on the vessel I believe it will take a long time before we see her under Russian flag and sailing again.

Togo 2015 3200F sg?, scott? (she is the red hulled vessel the other in the margin is the LA GRACE.)
Guinea 2018 12.500 FG sg?, scott?
Source: Wikipedia, Internet and Great Sailing Ships of the World. By Otmar Schauffelen.
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