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The outrigger depict on this stamp is given by Navicula as a TAFA’ANGA, a single outrigger canoe used in the central Pacific and mostly used for bonito fishing. Present day canoe essentially the same as that described in the mid-17th century. Plank built of multiple pieces; sewn from the inside through ridges in the edges of the strakes; the few remaining canoes have been reinforced with nails. Round the cross section. Vertical or concave cutwater; at the stern, bottom tapers up, ending at the gunwale. Decked at ends; line of cowrie shells may decorate the decking. A trolling pole is set against the stern breakwater https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trolling_(fishing) .
Long, slender float with front end roughly aligned with the bow; aft end truncated just abaft the after boom. Two to 4 booms cross the gunwales; attached to the float by 2 pairs of stanchions, each pear joining above the boom and lashed vertically from boom to float. Short pseudo=booms may extend partway to the float to hold the fishing poles. Mainly paddled, but some larger canoes sailed employing a triangular sail to a short, vertical mast; sail boomed at the foot and set in a wide “V”. When sailed a counterbalance spar projects out the side opposite the outrigger.
Reported length 6 – 9m; e.g. length 6.5m, beam and depth 0.65m.

More is given on: http://www.shipstamps.co.uk/forum/viewt ... allery]/0/

Wallis et Futuna 1990 46fr sg567, scott399. 1972 14f - 200f sg 217/20. 1995 35f sg 659, scott 468
From: Aak to Zumbra a Dictionary of the World’s Watercraft.
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