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Сanoe of Manus province.Admiralty Islands.

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Сanoe of Manus province.Admiralty Islands.

Postby john sefton » Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:39 pm

Тhe name of the Manus is the traditional name for a group of fishing people who inhabit coastal areas Manus. These people were good sailors and traders. There is a traditional story that they arrive in the Admiralty Islands a few hundred years ago floating in a canoe 200 in the east. The  Manus live in houses on the sea and understand various means of navigation  the canoe and the use of the great  fishnet . They have knowledge of the moon and stars and of  those kinds of magic in which betel  and lime are used. The Manus are a sea-dwelling peoples.The Manus are the only homogeneous group: the others are composed of various tribes showing great divergence in custom. The Manus, in their large, single outrigger canoes, which carry two lug sails and a snug little house control the fishing and the trade of the south coast, and are the middlemen between Usiai and the island Matankor. There are two kinds of canoe: those used for fishing and those used for traveling. Single-fishing canoe of the Manus Islands in the northwest part of the group. Dugout  hull; sides generally raised with washstrakes, sewn on. Raked ends elongated, terminating in a platform. Thwarts rested on notches in the hull or, where present, in the washstrakes; a gunwale pole rested on the thwarts and outrigger booms. Sharp ended float, about two thirds the length of the hull, attached by 3 booms. Each boom flanked by flexible spars along its outer part; spars turned down toward the ends and were lashed outside the multiple vertical stanchions that connected the booms and float. Single mast, stepped between the gunwale pole and the hull and braced from the platform. The triangular Oceanic lateen mat sail set; boom at the foot forked against the mast, holding the sail up obliquely.
Papua New Guinea 2009;K3,0;SG?
Sources: A. Haddon, J. Hornell: Canoes of Oceania.1937.Volume II.                                                                                                                         Dictionary of the world’s Watercraft from Aak to Zumbra.                                                                                        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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