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T -101 (tanklanding ship) IJN

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T -101 (tanklanding ship) IJN

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:36 pm

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Built bij Osaka Zosen, #1501, laid down 12-1943, completed 25-01-1944, commissioned 03-1944.
Tank landing ship, displacement:950/1010 ton, Loa:80,50m. Lbpp:72m. B:9,10m. Draft:2,90m. 3 diesels:1200 hp. 3 shafts, 13,5 kn. complement:90, armament:1- 8 cm./40 AA, 6-25 mm. (2x triple) type 96 AA.
Military load:14-7 tons tanks or 9-15 tons tanks or 7- 2 shiki amphibious tanks or 218 tons of cargo or 320 marines or 120 marines and 67 tons of cargo.
Sunk 28-10-1944 by American aircraft in Ormock Bay.

Built under the 1943 Program, the design of the T.101-Class Landing Ship Tank may have been supplied by Germany based an American-built British LST used in North Africa. The T.101-Class could be constructed in 90-days using mass production techniques such as pre-fabricated parts and electric welding. The T.101-Class Landing Ships were unstable in heavy seas.. The T.101-class design featured a bow door and the bow was fitted with a double skeg. The class was equipped with AA guns, depth charges and radar.

(Somaliland 2011, 1500 a. StG.?)
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