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Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:05 pm

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Built by Smits Dock Compay, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, launched 17-08-1943, commissioned 14-11-1943.
Castle class corvette, displacement:1077 tons, L:76,80m. (252') B:11,27m. (37') Draft:3m. (10')
2 water-tube boilers, 1-4 cyl. triple expansion steam engine:2750 hp. 16,5 kn range:9500 nm/10 kn. Complement:112.
Sensors and processing systems:Type 272 radar,Type 144Q sonar Type 147B sonar.
1 × 4" (102-mm) Quick Firing Mk.XIX High Angle/Low Angle combined air/surface gun,
1 × Squid anti-submarine mortar, 1 × depth charge rail, 15 depth charges, 2 × 20 mm twin anti-aircraft cannon, 6 × 20 mm single anti-aircraft cannon.

In World War II, she served as a convoy escort and took part in the sinking of two U-boats:
U-744 was sunk by HMS Icarus, HMCS St. Catharines, HMCS Fennel, HMCS Chilliwack, HMCS Chaudiere, HMCS Gatineau and HMS Kenilworth Castle on 6 March 1944.
U-1200 was sunk south of Ireland by HMS Pevensey Castle, HMS Launceston Castle, HMS Portchester Castle and HMS Kenilworth Castle on 11 November 1944 – all in the 30th Escort Group under Commander Denys Rayner.
Kenilworth Castle was scrapped at Llanelli in June 1956.

(Somaliland 2011, 2500 a. StG.?)
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