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MAS-501 (Italy)

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MAS-501 (Italy)

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Tue Aug 02, 2016 2:43 pm

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MAS f.jpg
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Built in 1937 by Picchiotti, Limite sull' Arno for the Regia Marina (Italian Navy)
MAS= Motoscafa Armato Silurante ( Torpedo Armed Motorboat)
Displacement:20,7 tons, L:17m. B:4,30m. Draft:1,30m. 2 Isotta Fraschini petrol engines:2000 hp. 2 shafts, 42 kn. range:350 nm/39 kn. fuel:1,25 tons. crew:9, armament: 2 x 1 - 13.2/76, 2 - 450 mm. TT, 6 DC.
10-04-1943 lost.

In 1940 there were 48 MAS-500-class units available. Older units were used in secondary theatres, such as the Italian East Africa.

The boats were gliders and therefore they were bumping heavily at sea state.
In the Mediterranean numerous Italian S-boats fell into the hands of the Kriegsmarine after the Italian capitulation on 09.09.1943. Most of them were cannibalized as spare part stocks, however, 19 of the modern boats were forming the 24. SFltl in the Adriatic Sea.

(Somaliland 2011, 1500 a. StG.?)
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