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Built by AB Crichton-Vulcan, Turku for the Finnish Navy, laid down 08-1929, launched 29-04-1932, commissioned 28-12-1932.
Coastal defence ship, displacement:3900 tons, L:93m. B:16,86m. Draft:5m. 4 Krupp-Germania diesels:6000 hp. 2 Leonard electric engines:4800 hp. 2 shafts, 15 kn. range:700 nm/10 kn. crew:330, armament:2× 2×254 mm. (10") Bofors, 4× 2×105 mm. (4.1") Bofors, 4× 40 mm. Vickers, 2–8× 20 mm. Madsens.
Sistership ILMARINEN.

After the end of the Continuation War Väinämöinen was handed over as war reparations to the Soviet Union. The ship was handed over on 29 May 1947 to the Soviet Baltic Fleet, where she was renamed Vyborg. The ship served over 6 years in the Red Fleet at the Soviet base in Porkkala, Finland. The ship was called Vanya (a Russian short form of the name Ivan) by the sailors of the Baltic Fleet.

Vyborg was modernized during the 1950s and served for a while as an accommodation ship in Tallinn. Preparations to scrap the ship were begun in 1958. During this time, there were talks to return the ship to Finland. The ship was, however, scrapped in 1966 at a Leningrad scrapyard. According to Soviet calculations, 2,700 tons of metal were recovered.

(Somaliland 2011, 1500 a. StG.?) VYAYNEMYAYNEN wrong name on the stamp

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