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This stamp issue by Belgium in 1968 shows us the Zandvliet lock, with some ships the front one is a bulker given as the MINERAL GENT ... 068#p13068 assisted by harbour tugs, the second one also a bulker is given as the MINERAL SERAING ... ing#p13067 with her superstructure and bridge in the middle of the ship she is also assisted by a harbour tug, while on the river outside the lock there is a coaster. The coaster and harbour tugs are not identified..

Of the Zandvliet lock is given by Wikipedia:
Zandvliet Lock is a lock in the far north of the port of Antwerp . The lock is named after the village Zandvliet . She is 500 meters long and 57 meters wide and has a Second General Leveling (TAW) depth of 13.58 meters. The locks in the port of Antwerp protecting the closed infrastructure against tidal action of the river. Behind the locks, the water level is constant.
The Zandvlietsluis was in 1967 commissioned. The construction of this lock hit a wedge between the Groot Buitenschoor and Galgeschoor , two rare saltmarsh areas , of which there are now only 320 hectares of remaining in Belgium. Associated buildings were not completed in 1967. The opening of the new sea lock was from an economic point of view urgent, because at the Kruisschans, where the Boudewijn lock and Van Cauwelaert lock are situated could not cope more with the growing shipping traffic. Even with the Zandvlietsluis there was the problem of the ever increasing waiting time for ships to pass the locks, was not resolved.
Two bridges span the lock: the Frederik Hendrik Bridge over the lock gates on the River Scheldt side and Zandvliet Bridge over the lock gates on the harbor side.
The Zandvlietsluis was the largest sea lock in the world until 1989 till the Berendrecht lock , which is 11 meters wide, was opened.

Belgium 1968 6f sg2090
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